Subscription for Legal Services

Legal services to local and foreign companies and individuals:

Law Firm VARCHEV offers full legal services to companies. In many cases, the choice when hiring a legal adviser would cost considerably more than the conclusion of a contract for legal services. At the conclusion of the contract for legal services, you get the expertise of the team, not just a legal adviser. In our service, you get daily support for your business, in negotiations for conclusions of contracts and for any action related to lawful conduct of your affairs.  

Upon conclusion of a contract for legal services, the Client will receive for the entire duration of the contract, regardless of the volume of work assigned, the full range of the following services:


Preparation of pleadings

Oral consultations;

Preparation of labor and civil contracts, job descriptions and others.

Representative of the Contracting Authority at the Government, with which you save time and troubles

It has priority and receive the necessary attention;


Service Contract is signed for subscription legal services as you get a service available at a fixed amount. The advantage of our service is that you get security and a faithful partner for your business, with clearly fixed terms without the need to search different lawyers for each of your case, saving you significant unforeseen costs.