Property Law

Property Law

In the field of Property Law Law Firm VARCHEV, BRASHKOV, PETROV offers: 

- Consultations on real rights issues when acquiring any type of property;


- Consultations and legal advice on transactions relating to the acquisition and disposition of real estate and movable property;


- Research a property-legal status of real estate;


- Qualified legal counsel and analysis of ownership;


- Preparation of complete documentation on the acquisition of property and assistance in conducting negotiations;

- Preparation of preliminary contracts and notary/property deeds for real estate transactions, mortgages and other;


- Preparation of preliminary contracts for the sale and development of real estate


- Establishing limited real rights on real estate - right of use of the upgrade, extension/additions, right of way;


- Drafting/Preparation of contracts for rental property;


- Construction contracts, FIDIC contracts;


- Legal assistance for obtaining permits and other construction documents, full planning permission, approval of investment projects, building permits, permits for use;


- Assistance in realization of transactions before a notary, before the state authorities and the local authorities;


- Protection of subjective  property rights;


- References/checks оn Agency of Geodesy Cartography and Cadastre

 and Property Register;


Legal representation in judicial procedures on real estate –property rights disputes , liquidation of common property regime, availability of limited property rights and other