Labour Law

Labour Law

In the field of Labour Law we provide the following legal services in the area of labour law: 

Consultations, amendment and termination of employment contracts, drafting and preparation of job descriptions


Preparation of documents relating to the labour - documents about  disciplinary sanctions, dismissals, payment of benefits;


Preparation of legal opinions on all kinds of labor issues;


Consulting and protection of workers / employees in connection with labor disputes, claims against unfair dismissal, reinstatement, payment of due compensation, use of leave, unpaid salaries, etc .;


Consulting and protection of employers in connection with the implementation of disciplinary and material responsibility of workers / employees, overtime work, establishment of extended / reduced working hours, etc .;


Advice on the termination of employment contracts;

  Assistance in negotiations between employers and workers / employees to achieve extra-judicial settlement of labor disputes;


Litigation before all courts in conducting labor cases and other labor disputes;


The Law Firm carries out protection on Civil Servants Act in connection with illegal dismissal, disciplinary sanctions and others.