Family and Succession Law

Family and Succession Law

Family and inheritance law are regulated by both the law and the generally accepted norms of morality and customs. Laws (Family Code, Law on inheritance, etc.) regulated in common terms the relationship between spouses and relatives.

 You need a good lawyer the team of Law Firm VARCHEV, BRASHKOV, PETROV has accumulated rich experience in the field of family law. In these cases, for us the most important - is to protect the best interests of children, as well as the client.  The Law Firm offers the following advice and legal services in the field of Family Law:


Divorce by mutual consent on the general claim order/civil action

Property legal claims after divorce;

Claims for a greater share of property acquired during marriage;

Initial determination of alimony, as well as its collection involuntarily;

Increasing originally awarded alimony;

Custody award disputes;

Determination mode of personal relationships between parents and children;

Replacing the consent of a parent with a court decision - in taking the child outside the Republic of Bulgaria;

Restriction and deprivation of parental rights in cases provided by law;

Establishing or disputing the origin of the child - contesting the paternity, recognition;

Actions for establishing or disputing the origin from the father;

Full and incomplete adoption;

Drafting of marriage contracts, notarization and registration;



Inheritance Law

In the field of inheritance law we provide consultations, drafting and preparation of documents and litigation I relation to: 

Occurrence of legal inheritance matters;

Determination of hereditary shares, depending on the manner of acquisition of the forbearer’s property;

Acceptance and waiver of inheritage;

Preparing, announcing, opening and challenging contest of wills;

Proceedings for reducing testamentary orders and contracts of donation agreements in the provided by the legislation cases when the reserved part of the inherited estate is violated;

Partition of the estate - out-of-court settlement and court-ruled partition.