Deals with real estate

Transactions and investment with real estate projects

Law Firm VARCHEV offers full cooperation of Bulgarian and foreign investors in the feasibility study, we offer the following services: 

Consultation of investors;

Establishment of property rights;

Participation in negotiations for the purchase of real estate; Consultations on the purchase or sale of real estate and movables;

Study a property-legal status of real estate and preparing legal opinions, analysis of ownership;

Preparation of complete documentation on the acquisition of property;

Preparation of preliminary contracts and notary deeds for real estate transactions, mortgages and other;

Preparation of preliminary contracts for the sale and construction of real estate;

Establishing limited real rights on real estate - right of use, right of the upgrade, extension right of way;

Drafting of contracts for rental property;

Construction contracts, contracts under FIDIC;

Legal assistance for obtaining permits and other construction documents, design visas, approval of investment projects, building permits, permits for use;

Assistance in realization of transactions before a notary, to state authorities and the local authorities

Protection of subjective property rights;

Reports on Cadaster and Property Register;

Litigation in court proceedings on real estate –property disputes, division/partition, availability of limited rights and others;

Assistance in the purchase of property by private bailiff;