Contract Law

Contract Law

In the field of Contract Law Law Firm VARCHEV, BRASHKOV, PETROV offers legal advice and complete assistance at:


-Conclusion and drafting of various types of contracts- for real estates, securities, leasing transactions, contracts for transportation, construction, manufacturing, donation, sale, lease, sublease or termination of rental relations, supply, commission and distribution contracts, agency contracts, franchising ; credit, loan, contract civil society and others.


- Preparation of different types of contracts and representation for their conclusion;


- Preparation of contracts for the commercial activities of companies;


- Cancellation and termination of contracts- out-of-court and judicially;


- Establishment and registration of collateral and guarantees contracts- mortgages, liens etc;


- Out-of-court settlement of contractual  disputes;


- Remission, merger, transfer of receivables, assumption of debt, delegation;


- Legal representation in court cases of tort - benefits caused material and moral damages; - Legal protection and representation in court cases in disputes relating to the performance of contracts before all courts, special courts and more; We provide comprehensive assistance for contracts for assignment. Our Clients will receive the right advice when buying a wallet from non-performing loans and single transfers. We advise you on every step from purchase the obligation to the formation of the enforcement case