Company and commercial law

Company and commercial law

Law  Firm VARCHEV offers assistance and full cooperation in the field of  Company and commercial law. We will help you in choosing a legal form according to your business. We will offer you the correct form for the management of your company. We will assist in:

Setting up/ Formation/Constitution and registration of companies and sole traders


  • Registration of sole traders
  • Registration of Ltd /Limited liability company/

 •Registration of joint-stock company Formation of  holding company and consortium 

Changes in commercial companies and sole traders

 Conversion of companies- merger, acquisition, separation and division 

Registration of commercial agencies

Transactions with companies


Transfer of shares, stocks and commercial enterprises


Changes in the capital structure and changes in the type of shares


Termination, liquidation and bankruptcy of companies


Preparation of management contracts and contracts with sales representatives within the meaning of the Trade Law


Legal advice in commercial transactions 

Preparation of contracts for the commercial activities of companies


Preparing the necessary documents and law assistance in the conclusion of all types of commercial transactions:


  • Securities
  • Real estates
  • Lease transactions
  • Contracts of carriage
  • Sales
  • Construction
  • Commissions and distribution contracts
  • Intermediary contracts, franchising; credit.


Establishment and registration of collateral and guarantees to commercial contracts- mortgages, pledges and others.

Conducting proceedings and provide protection to our clients in commercial disputes.